Replenish your online magazine site and increase its traffic and readership. Rumour has it that Rumour is all you need. Rumour is a magazine-styled theme with multi-column layout. It’s perfectly designed for online magazines that deliver a broad variety of topics. Your valuable articles will never be lost in archives and your loyal readers will always stay focused on what matters to them. Whatever the genre your magazine is, be it sports, entertainment, health, or technology, Rumour will perfectly fit with you, your site, and your readers.
Rumour Theme
Multi-column layout
Your most popular posts are displayed beautifully on the home page for everyone to enjoy. Different columns for different kinds of topics. Never again will your readers be lost in archives.

Color-coded categories
Give your website a bit of artistic touch. Assign a color to each category without having to edit any stylesheet template. See, you just got your website the ‘look’.

Stunning responsive design
Make your site more accessible across devices, no matter the screen size it is viewed on. Rumour can respond flexibly and automatically to the specific viewing needs of every user.

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